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Software Chasers is a Global leader of next-generation IT services such as Full Stack Development, python Development, Graphic Designing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services & Solution.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals give their world-class performance by working round the clock to make the future worth living for

Our Journey

Emerging as the leader in technology-chasing, an ever-changing industry, Software Chasers Private Limited has proven itself to be a place where innovation and technical knowledge are at a premium. Our story dates back to 11th June 2020 when two enthusiastic individuals Muhammad Umar Tariq and Tania Asif united their efforts during their 4th semester at Virtual University of Pakistan. They were motivated by love for technology and commitment to quality software development. Software Chasers started small but it has since grown into a remote-based company with a lot of force. In no time, Google acknowledged our skills by registering and verifying us. Over the last four years we have accomplished several projects making an impact on many clients that have sought our IT services.

Our entrepreneur is Tania Asif, who is also our CEO and Founder. Meanwhile, Muhammed Umar Tariq, her partner who is also the Co Founde and director of this company has been beside her all along pushing the business even higher up. Moreover, our team is complimented by Usman Tariq as our Project manager who oversees smooth running. Software Chasers’ services are found in several areas such as web development, software development, graphics, digital marketing, content writing, artificial intelligence, machine learning among others like python development and SEO. It is this broad scope of knowledge that makes it a preferred company for any business seeking comprehensive IT solutions.

Initially based in Islamabad, we shifted to a remote-based model to better serve clients across the globe. For example, we recently did complete a successful web development project with Yaas Homes and our commitment to quality was demonstrated here. We have also partnered with MSM Marketing Private Limited which is the top real estate company in Islamabad. However, the association between us and MSM Marketing goes beyond business since this is even evidenced through Wopower Foundation which combines real estate with philanthropy. Moreover, we offer Meri Lado a growing clothing brand transformative IT services thereby strengthening our reputation as an effective partner for enhancing digital infrastructures. Our history, however, is a remarkable narrative of fervor, knowledge and the creed to build a free digital future. As Software Chasers keeps promoting innovation as well as setting new benchmarks for IT industry excellence, our story is an embodiment of vision, dedication and the unswerving chase after technology improvement.

Our Mission

Software Chasers Pvt. Ltd is committed to empower corporate bodies and individuals by providing innovative digital solutions that transform the way they do things. We endeavor to tap into the potential of technology so as to have an integrated world which isn’t restricted in any way by one’s imagination. Inspired by our guiding principles including innovation, excellence, teamwork, honesty and accountability, we simply refuse to settle for anything less than what our customers expect from us as a company.

Our Vision

We would like to be seen as a global leader in the IT industry with innovative solutions, excellent service and commitment to the betterment of the world. Our target is to create top-notch technology products that are much more advanced than what our clients expected. We intend to lead progress by creating relationships through collaboration and staying ahead in digital transformation. As we shape the future where there will be no limits for digital innovations, our commitment to honesty and quality will see us making positive differences in communities around us.